How I stack skills to overcome scarcity mindset.

Bottom Line — Worried about being replaced? If you stack your above average skills, they’ll be worth more than the value of a single highly valued skill. Here are examples where stacked skills helped me overcome fierce competition.

4 min read

Using Ajax in Rails Forms

Sometimes you want to update a form and not refresh the page. This is where AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript) comes handy.

5 min read

Interact with JQuery from the browser console

I recently stumbled on this technique where you can load JQuery for ANY page and write JQuery commands right in the browser console. This is great for debugging and exploration.

~1 min read
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Drop big rocks in the Jar first

This analogy is about putting important things first. Sounds like the same old crap you hear from self-help books. However, I admire a good analogy that sticks in my head and this is one of those. This analogy comes from Stephen Covey.

1 min read

How objects send messages in Ruby

If open IRB (interactive ruby) and type in the following expression 2 + 3, you’ll get 5. If you reverse that with 3 + 2, you’ll still get 5.

3 min read

ASDF VM Version Manager for Ruby Tutorial

Using a version manager is critical if you plan on running different projects from GitHub. A project might not be compatible with the version of Ruby you have installed.

1 min read
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How to not buy a lemon car

Gist: I bought 3 cars for people in 2 years. It might be pretty but it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg in repairs. Research and get a dependable vehicle.

5 min read

How I renewed my PMP certification

So you took your PMP exam, and you passed. Excellent job. You now have a valid PMP certificate for 3 years. In order to keep it, you’ll need to renew your certification. You don’t need to retake the exam, but you will need to earn 60 professional development units

5 min read

My PMP Exam Lessons Learned

I took the PMP exam in 2015. Not much changed today in the exam world in 2020. Here are all the strategies I used to pass the exam. Here’s what I would teach my younger self.

11 min read
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