The self-documenting code myth

Document your code so that the next poor developer that has to extend it or fix it will be thankful you did.

3 min read

Writing a descriptive motd

Have you ssh’d into a production server and had no idea what to do next? For example, I ssh’d into a production Rails server but didn’t know how to access Rails console. It wasn’t straight forward. I was met with a black screen and a white cursor.

1 min read

Deploy Wireguard VPN in Docker

Most VPN setups assume that the entire server will be dedicated to the VPN. By using docker containers, I can run a vpn and other applications all on one single server.

4 min read

Why learning IDE shortcuts is worth it.

I lost significant productivity by relying mostly on the mouse rather than the keyboard. A few days ago, I took a few hours to ‘sharpen the saw’ and find out how other people use RubyMine (IntelliJ IDE) in their workflows.

1 min read

Avoiding bundle exec in Ruby

When I mix multiple projects in the same Ruby environment, I end up with different versions of the same gem.

2 min read

How to pass foreign keys to Rails strong params.

We have a project and a project can have many tasks. Let’s say we have a task form where a user can specify the project the task belongs to. How do you pass the project foreign key through Rails strong params?