Intermediate Debugging Ruby on Rails with Pry

I use Pry on a daily basis while writing / debugging code. I want to show you how to go beyond a simple breakpoint with pry. I’ll show you how I use it to learn about unfamiliar code and how to debug code.

11 min read

How to kill a rails server

I can’t be the only one who occasionally tries to start rails server and gets:

~1 min read

How to make good pull requests

Bottom Line - Don’t waste the reviewer’s time. Don’t make them over-think about things you should have provided ahead of time in the pull request description.

2 min read

How Ruby on Rails Forms and Nested Forms Work.

Forms are a huge part of a dynamic website. It’s through forms that you take user input and do something with it. It’s worth taking time to understand how to build different types of forms with rails.