How to setup Wireguard VPN from a private VPS.

Bottom Line — using a VPN is great for online privacy. Hosting it on a VPS ensures your IP won’t be blacklisted. It’s easy to setup with an automated script.

2 min read

How to overcome the imposter syndrome through teaching.

Bottom Line — Imposter syndrome will kill your self-confidence in your craft. The solution is to teach your craft. Teach through writing or video work. You don’t have to be an expert to begin.

3 min read

How HTTP Works

The internet is made up of millions of interconnected computers that send and receive messages. That’s it.

2 min read

How I stack skills to overcome the scarcity mindset.

Bottom Line — Worried about being replaced? If you stack your above average skills, they’ll be worth more than the value of a single highly valued skill. Here are examples where stacked skills helped me overcome fierce competition.

4 min read