Don’t let originality paralyze your creativity

The problem is sitting down to write and thinking I have nothing original to say. You start a blog and a few weeks later you forget about it. Someone told you that original thought is a prerequisite for creative work.

3 min read

Changing git commit date

At times I forget to commit my changes until days later. I prefer these commits show an accurate commit date of when the work was actually done.

~1 min read

Writing good git commit messages

I’ve written crappy commit messages in the past and I’ve picked up a few tricks over time that help me write helpful descriptions.

1 min read

Ira Glass on the gap between ability and taste

Ira Glass is the producer of the radio and television series “The American Life”. His take on bridging the gap between taste and ability deeply resonated with my own journey with writing.

1 min read

Precision vs Scale in SQL

When I set a table column to decimal, I tend to forget the difference between precision and scale.

~1 min read

Using Redis as Rails Cache

Once you have Redis set up as a Rails cache backend for your project, here’s how you can explore it in the Rails console.

~1 min read

The self-documenting code myth

Document your code so that the next poor developer that has to extend it or fix it will be thankful you did.