Join tables in Rails

Let’s say you have a users table and a shows table. A user has_many shows and a show can have_many users. You’d need to set up a join table for this.

~1 min read

My reflections as a father to a 9 month old baby

If I don’t write about my experiences as a father while my boy is growing up, it’s almost certain that hormones will take over and I’ll forget how I really felt. Here are some of the themes that came up.

9 min read

How to ruin your life in your 20s

I’ve lived through my 20s. While I can’t tell you the exact path that will lead you to your destiny, I can list several things that will prematurely trap your life. If you’re aware of these, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding them.

4 min read

Adding Rails references with strong migrations gem

strong_migrations gem prevents large database tables from locking up when running database migrations. The drawback is that instead of running one easy Rails migration, you end up breaking up migrations into three parts.

1 min read

Essential items for a newborn

If I had to become a first time father again, here are the essentials I’d get for my newborn. I used all the items I list here.

6 min read

Hear the raw truth from these online parenting communities

While you can ask parents around you about their parenthood experiences, you’ll seldom hear the raw truth. You won’t hear things like — I don’t know if I’d do it again. Or how about — my life has never been the same and I’m depressed. Or how about — it caused my divorce. You’ll mostly hear It’s hard but oh my god, it’s worth it.

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