How Ruby on Rails Forms and Nested Forms Work.

Forms are a huge part of a dynamic website. It’s through forms that you take user input and do something with it. It’s worth taking time to understand how to build different types of forms with rails.

14 min read

How to use the Command Line Interface

Becoming a software developer forced me to learn the command line interface. At first, I strongly resisted. Coming from windows GUI — the command line looked like an ugly remnant of 1980s computing.

6 min read

How to setup Wireguard VPN from a private VPS.

Bottom Line — using a VPN is great for online privacy. Hosting it on a VPS ensures your IP won’t be blacklisted. It’s easy to setup with an automated script.

2 min read

How to overcome the imposter syndrome through teaching.

Bottom Line — Imposter syndrome will kill your self-confidence in your craft. The solution is to teach your craft. Teach through writing or video work. You don’t have to be an expert to begin.

3 min read