Nikita Kazakov
Nikita Kazakov
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My kid was born and I couldn’t find baby formula in stores. It was the US baby formula shortage of 2022. Luckily, I had samples of Enfamil and Similac but they were quickly depleting.

The shortage had a silver lining: The US finally started importing European baby formula. That’s the only way I discovered how good the European formula was in comparison to US baby formulas.

I can’t see myself switching back to US formulas until they start copying what the Europeans are doing with theirs.

Here’s my experience with giving US-based Similac and Enfamil versus England’s Kendamil baby formula.

Heads up: All babies are different and your mileage may vary.

The smell and taste test

I decided to taste Enfamil vs Kendamil. As I mixed Kendamil powder with near-boiling water, it smelled like hot milk. I took a sip and it tasted like slightly sweeter milk. Had someone offered me a glass of this, I’d think it’s milk with a pinch more sugar.

To compare taste, I mixed Enfamil with hot water and brought the glass close to my mouth. It smelled like chalk. I was only able to put a few drops in my mouth before I gagged from the unpalatable taste. It tasted nothing like milk. There’s no way I could drink this. I felt guilty about giving this to my baby in the past.

Stomach issues

I couldn’t figure out why my baby would partially throw up Enfamil after drinking it. Throw-up was worse with the pre-made Similac liquid bottles. A night nurse said that pre-made liquid formula was richer and babies tolerated it less.

After switching to Kendamil, 80% of the stomach issues went away.

Mixing with boiling water

The directions on European baby formula say to mix the milk with boiling water. In the tiny chance the formula can is contaminated, the boiling water will kill the contaminants. You then allow the mixed formula to cool before feeding your baby.

I’m sold on this practice and will continue using it for all powder baby formula, especially after the contamination that caused the 2022 US baby formula shortage.