Nikita Kazakov
Nikita Kazakov
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All modern browsers have Inspect Element. When I’m working on a Rails page that loads a lot of partials, it’s a pain to hunt down where those partials are located. I wish I had Inspect Element for Rails views.

xray-rails gem is the solution.

When I press cmd + shift + x on any Rails page in my development environment, it highlights all view partials into clickable boxes.

Highlights all partials on the page.
Highlights all partials on the page.

When you click on a box, it’ll open that partial in your IDE. No more guessing or hunting the partial down through console logs.

To install xray-rails, add this in your .gemfile

group :development do
  gem 'xray-rails'

Run bundle install.

Configuration for RubyMine

Inside of RubyMine, go to Tools > Create Command-line Launcher > Confirm. Note down the RubyMine path.

Create a config file in your project directory named .xrayconfig. Add the script below into the file. If you’re using another IDE, just point it to your IDE’s path instead.

:editor: '/usr/local/bin/mine'

You’re good to go.