Nikita Kazakov
Nikita Kazakov
~1 min read


I had to run a query on a Postgresql database in production and export the data to a CSV file. I couldn’t use Postico.

Enter psql on the Postgresql server. Create a Postgresql view (saves the query to a variable).

CREATE VIEW company_locations AS
    SELECT *
    FROM companies
    WHERE location = 'US';

Run the line below to export the view to a csv and keep the header. It is saved to ‘home/deploy/csv_export.csv’ on the server.

copy (select * from view_1) to /local/path/csv_export.csv csv header;

Use scp (secure copy) to move csv_export.csv to your computer by typing the line below in your local terminal (not in the PSQL terminal).

scp /Users/admin/desktop