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Nikita Kazakov
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I often pass Ruby variables to Javascript in Ruby on Rails on two occasions:

  • Send user data to tracking snippets (through javascript).
  • Integrate payment tokens that use Javascript rather than a ruby gem.

Since Ruby is on the backend and Javascript is on the frontend, their integration isn’t seamless. I’m going to use HAML in the examples below rather than ERB.

You can add in-line javascript in your view templates and interpolate ruby variables. HAML supports ruby interpolation under the :javascript tag with the #{} syntax.

%h1 Some Headline  
%p This is a paragraph  
  email = "#{}"

Using #{} by itself can result in errors. For example, let’s say I interpolate:

  email = #{}
  // Javascript will see it as:
  email =
  // is not a string. It's a series of characters Javascript thinks are variables or method names.
  // This results in an error.

I find it more reliable to put double quotes around it: "#{}".

  email = "#{}"
  // Javascript will return it as:
  email = ""
  // This is valid.

The interpolated result will always be a string. If you’re passing in a number, you don’t need to use quotes around #{}.

  quantity = #{@user.age}"
  // No need for quotes as we're passing in a number.
  // quantity = 55

Escaping HTML Characters

If the data I’m passing has quotes, brackets, or some other special character, I have to force Rails to ignore HTML escaping.

  user_email = "#{"This will not 'be escaped' 'properly'"}"
  // The result will be:
  // user_email = "This will not 'be escaped' 'properly'"

There are a few ways to escape HTML. One is to use raw.

  user_email = "#{raw "This will not 'be escaped 'properly'."}"
  // It is now escaped properly.
  // user_email = "This will not 'be escaped' 'properly'"

Another solution is to use html_safe.

  user_email = "#{"This will not 'be escaped' 'properly'".html_safe}"

Passing Rails ActiveRecord to Javascript

What if you want to pass an ActiveRecord collection to Javascript?

  users = #{@orders.to_json.html_safe}
  // or
  users = #{raw(@orders.to_json)}  

You want to send an ActiveRecord collection as JSON with to_json and escape the results with either raw or html_safe. The result will be a JSON (an array with several elements) passed to Javascript.

You can then iterate on that JSON with a forEach or map within Javascript.

Fetching data attributes on HTML tags

You can also pass ruby variables through data attributes on HTML tags. Let’s do that in HAML.

#items{ data: { email: } }

// This generates this html:
// <div data-email="" id="items"></div>

Fetching this information with Javascript:


Feel free to pass in ActiveRecord through data attributes like this:

#items{ data: { email:, orders: @orders.to_json } }
// Fetch the JSON in Javascript