Nikita Kazakov
Nikita Kazakov
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I had a problem where fonts were loading fine in development environment but were failing to load in staging / production.

First tip — put your fonts folder inside of assets to load them with the asset pipeline.

└── app
    └── assets
        ├── fonts
        │   ├── unicons.eot
        │   ├── unicons.svg
        │   ├── unicons.ttf
        │   ├── unicons.woff
        │   └── unicons.woff2
        ├── images
        └── stylesheets

When loading fonts from scss, do not use url. Instead, use font_url to import fonts. Did you know you could also use image_url and asset_url in scss with your Rails project?

Here’s an example how it would look like:

@font-face {
  font-family: 'unicons';
  src: font_url('unicons.eot?34404611');
       font_url('unicons.woff2?34404611') format('woff2'),
       font_url('unicons.woff?34404611') format('woff'),
       font_url('unicons.ttf?34404611') format('truetype'),
       font_url('unicons.svg?34404611#unicons') format('svg');

Fonts should now be loading properly in development and in production environments.