Nikita Kazakov
Nikita Kazakov
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When I heard Ronnie Coleman — an eight time Mr. Olympia Champion — utter these words, I was dumbfounded by the profoundness in one single sentence.

Ronnie Coleman is a powerhouse. He trains like a bodybuilder but lifts heavy as a powerlifter.

It’s easy to draw parallels between accomplishing things in life by looking at bodybuilding.

Here are lessons I picked up from Ronnie.

Nobody wants to lift heavy ass weights

Ronnie is huge. He weighed damn near 300 lb at his bodybuilding competitions.

Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder — nobody wants to lift heavy ass weights — Ronnie Coleman

This phrase is crazy versatile. Apply it to anything you’re feeling strongly about. For example:

  • Everybody wanna be an entrepreneur, nobody wants to put in the work.
  • Everybody wanna be a ladies man, nobody wants to approach women.
  • Everybody wanna be big, nobody wants to eat more.
  • Everybody wanna be strong, nobody wants to go to the gym.
  • Everybody wanna be fit, nobody wants to consciously work their body.

Ain’t nobody going to give you nothin’

In other words, don’t expect the tooth fairy to deliver the relationship, work, or health to you without some of your part in it.

Ain’t nobody going to give you nothin’ — Ronnie Coleman

It’s too easy to sit on the floor or lie in bed and think it will come…

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun — Time by Pink Floyd

Easy but not effective. Nothing happens until something moves.

Yeah Buddy — Lightweight!

Watching Ronnie workout is not without lighthearted humor.

He’s about to lift a heavy steel dumbbell that’s made of nightmares but he’ll loudly say — Lightweight! or Yeah Buddy!

Ronnie keeps a lighthearted attitude before doing something difficult.

It’s one thing to crack jokes when looking down at the world from a pedestal, but a totally different manner when the world hits you up with a challenge.